Bill Blevins, PFC’s Vice President of Client Success, transformed his leadership skills from his Marine background into a successful career in the accounts receivable management industry. Bill recently had the opportunity to share his journey with the ACA International’s (the association of credit and collection professionals) Collector Magazine. Below are a few highlights from Bill’s article:

  1. Marine Roots: Bill’s journey began in a small town in Tennessee. Inspired by a friend’s stories about the Marines, he joined the Marines during college. This experience taught him leadership, composure under pressure, and resourceful problem-solving. He earned numerous promotions and served for eight years, including in Desert Storm.
  2. Unexpected Entry: In his mid-20s, Bill found himself out of the Marines and looking for a leadership role. He took a chance on a small agency in Knoxville, Tennessee, starting as an entry-level collector. His natural communication skills and quick thinking made him successful in this role, where he learned about the industry’s unique challenges and rewards.
  3. Leadership Path: Bill’s career has primarily been in leadership positions, allowing him to pursue his interests in technology, problem-solving, and project management. Currently, as the Vice President of Client Success at PFC|USA, he collaborates with a dedicated team and clients across the U.S., focusing on delivering solutions and achieving success together.
  4. Defining Accomplishment: Bill’s biggest achievement came from a significant challenge. He was given the opportunity to start a branch for an expanding organization, growing the team from seven to over 100 members. This endeavor allowed him to apply his knowledge, create efficient processes, develop leaders, and foster a strong team culture.
  5. Open Industry: Bill emphasizes the inclusivity of the collections industry, where anyone with the desire to succeed and a willingness to learn can thrive. He shared an example of giving a chance to an individual with a challenging past, who later became an industry advocate and inspired others.
  6. Embracing Change: Bill recognizes the constant evolution of the industry, including changing regulations and technology advancements. He believes in continuous learning and staying adaptable to ensure growth and success.

Bill’s story showcases how his Marine background equipped him with essential skills for leadership in the accounts receivable management industry, emphasizing adaptability and the pursuit of “wins,” big and small, to drive personal and professional growth. Click here to read the full article.