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accesspfcAccessPFC provides our clients with convenient and secure access to your accounts when you need it. The features available within this site have been designed particularly to allow you a number of ways to evaluate the accounts you submit to us for collection. You can also use Access PFC to submit accounts to us for collection. Any information transmitted to the site is encrypted using the highest level of protection possible for your data.

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If you are not currently using Access PFC, please contact our office and we will be happy to set you up as a user. You can call us at 833.954.2606.

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Our team is committed to providing expert advice and world-class customer service for our clients. For general client inquiries, please contact our Client Services Department at 833.954.2606.

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PFC has provided A/R management solutions since 1904 and is trusted by thousands of clients nationwide. PFC helps our partners improve consumer communication through omnichannel solutions and increases cash flow within their facilities. From first-party billing follow up to third party debt recovery, PFC ensures your revenue cycle and patient engagement is optimized. PFC benefits its clients by providing comprehensive solutions to lower internal cost, minimize financial risk, increase net cash flow, and reduce bad debt expenses. PFC’s approach to a successful partnership begins with a focus on front-end functions and extends beyond the consumer’s service to convert accounts receivable into dollars received. Our team is committed to working with your business and improving your accounts receivable. Please complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a PFC partner.

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