Reduce Days in A/R and Bad Debt Expense while Increasing Cash-Flow with PFC First

Are you burdened with the task of increasing your cash flow and decreasing your days in A/R? Most healthcare organizations are overwhelmed by their self-pay receivables due to limited staff and technological resources. PFC First, a division of PFC, provides a patient-friendly extension to your business office that accelerates cash collection on self-pay accounts at a reduced cost. Our account representatives work the accounts in the name of the facility through a series of letters and phone calls for either a 90 or 120 day program. The sensitive nature of contacting patients is handled with utmost care in order to protect your patient relationships. Incoming calls are routed to our off-site business office where a customer-sensitive representative requests payment in full.

A course of action is then determined for each file; if the account is not paid in full or payment arrangements are not made in accordance with the facility’s financial policy in regards to payment plans then the account is identified as a candidate for bad-debt and transferred to a collection agency. PFC First delivers comprehensive status reports on your accounts; and identifies insurance discoveries to bill to payers, write-offs for charity care, indigent, uncollectible bad-debt and VIP accounts.

PFC First partners with your business office to resolve all of your self-pay issues; allowing your Patient Financial Services Manager to confidently move the accounts forward in the revenue cycle.

Advantages of PFC First:

  • Pre Charge-off Accounts Receivable Program
  • Accelerated Cash Collections
  • Lower Bad Debt Expense
  • Reduced Days in Accounts Receivable
  • A Patient Sensitive Environment
  • Experienced Patient Account Representatives
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction