Receive Immediate Cash on Your Receivables With PFC Infuse

PFC Infuse acquires, manages, and liquidates portfolios of defaulted receivables from credit originators including but not limited to lenders, banks, finance companies, hospitals, and medical service providers. If you need an immediate cash influx, we can turn your distressed receivables into liquid capital by purchasing your debt. PFC Infuse is a business partner with PFC USA. PFC Infuse places all its purchased receivables portfolios with PFC for collection, which ensures that the integrity of your organization is maintained with all debt collection efforts.

PFC understands the delicate balance between collections and consumer/community-relations. Under PFC Infuse’s unique model, the client maintains control over who collects from their consumers and the type of collection efforts used for the life of the accounts. PFC Funding II never resells accounts; clients simply lose too much control and bear far too much risk. From a consumer-relations perspective, this is the preferred model.

PFC Infuse Business Model:

  • All collection activities performed by one agency (PFC)
  • Accounts are never resold. The client maintains control over who collects from their consumers
  • PFC Funding II facilitates a direct collection agency relationship, to which the client is accustomed
  • Same effective, yet consumer friendly, approach as used when collecting on a contingency basis
  • Non-recourse program with the ability to buy accounts back if needed

Advantages of PFC Funding II

  • Immediate Capital Infusion at Closing
  • Return on Delinquent A/R is Known Up Front
  • Professional and Ethical Collection Efforts are Employed
  • Healthcare Debt Will Not Be Resold