For over 115 years, Professional Finance Company has been a trusted accounts receivable management name with our partners. We proudly announce that Professional Finance Company is now PFC USA! PFC USA reflects the nationwide reach and comprehensive scope of accounts receivables management services that we offer in 2020.
Introducing PFC Rev, PFC First, and PFC Infuse:
We have leveraged the industry-wide PFC name-recognition by rebranding our three service divisions: PFC Rev (third-party debt recovery); PFC First (healthcare self-pay/early out); and PFC Infuse (debt purchasing).PFC USA – Recover Together:
PFC has also updated our tagline to Recover Together. PFC’s new tagline better reflects the scope of our three service divisions and memorializes our partnership approach with all our stakeholders – employees, consumers, clients and our community.

Website Update:
To reflect PFC USA’s new brand, our website domain is being transferred to Our old website domain,, will still remain active and can be navigated with any previous bookmarks or links you may have saved. Additionally, PFC’s standard email domain extension will be transferred to (email) In the upcoming months, please keep an eye out for any emails from our team with the new email extension and make sure these email addresses are granted access by your email service provider.

Updated Branding of Value-Added Services:
PFC has also updated the branding of new and existing value-added services. PFC has always taken a progressive approach to process improvement by providing our clients, consumers and employees with the technology and tools to optimize recoveries, maximize quality and compliance, and deliver a seamless consumer and client experience. While most of the below have been part of our industry advantage for decades, we are thrilled to unveil our new branding for each.  To learn more about these value-added services, please contact our Client Services team at 833.954.2606.

QA360 – PFC’s comprehensive quality assurance and compliance program. Compliance training, tracking, and reporting tools managed by PFC’s Director of Compliance and Professional Development Specialist.
SMART Analytics – Strategies for Maximum Accounts Receivable Turnover including our comprehensive suite of data-analytics driven scrubbing, scoring, segmentation, and workflow strategies.
PFC Academy – In-house employee and client training program. A picture containing drawing, foodDescription automatically generated
AccessPFC – Secure, one-stop client portal for self-reporting, online account placement, account inquiry, task management and more! A close up of a signDescription automatically generated
PayPFC – Optimized, secure consumer payment portal. Accept payments on the web through any browser or mobile device. A close up of a logoDescription automatically generated
OPS – Omnichannel Preferred Solutions. PFC’s robust omnichannel engagement program for consumers. Communicate with your consumers in the way they prefer. A close up of a signDescription automatically generated
PFC Coach – Call monitoring and automated scoring that captures both sides of all conversations. Role-based dashboards for managers and agents foster a culture of continuous improvement and self-development. A picture containing drawingDescription automatically generated
SnapPay – Mobile screenshot payment option through Papaya. Patients can conveniently pay simply by taking a picture of their statement! A close up of a signDescription automatically generated
BankPay – consumer payment option via direct-to-bank account integration. No need to remember routing or account number! A close up of a signDescription automatically generated
We are thrilled to reveal our company rebrand to our clients! We look forward to continuing to deliver the world-class service you have come to expect from PFC and are grateful to continue serving as your trusted agency partner!